Especially for mums…

Untitled-12 changed I’m so excited that my new book ‘MUMHOOD How to handle it Why it matters’ is now available on Amazon.

It’s a book I’ve wanted to do for such a long time because I wasn’t a mum long before I realised something extraordinary:

Mums are the most champion of workforces, incredible powerhouses, and the contribution they make through their parenting has as big an impact on the world as throwing a boulder in a world sized lake – it ripples out right round affecting us all!

Many people don’t seem to appreciate this though, even some of the mums! And for the most part, the work mums do, the impact they have, the life changing metamorphosis they personally go through, remains invisible, unappreciated and seldom respected.

But the fact remains that children affect everyone’s world whether you have them or not, whether they’re yours or someone else’s. They affect it now and they are the future. Think about it! Our approach to raising our children is going to impact on our future, because they are the generation who are eventually going to be in charge!

And guess what? It’s usually mums who are in charge of them! So it stands to reason that mums should get some respect, attention and support in doing this essential job of raising them right.

I’ve been hankering for years to do just that. To raise awareness of the magnitude of the job mums do in mothering their children and the impact they have on everything. And this book is the result.

The first chapters deal with the initial flush of motherhood and the changes we go through to become mums. The later chapters develop with you as your child develops, helps you cope, supports your own growth, as there’s a massive amount of growth and change you go through as well as the child! Get support for mums and the child’s supported too.

In between there are short tips about your lovely child, to help you keep all in balance.

Whatever stage of mumhood you’re at I’m hoping you’ll find something for you. What you’ll definitely find is love and respect for all of you mums everywhere. Because that’s exactly what you deserve!

Pop over to the books page to read some more…

Or see it on Amazon where you can see inside before you buy…

12 thoughts on “Especially for mums…

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  3. Yaay!!! Didn’t realise it was going to be available so soon. shall pop it in my Amazon basket for my November read! Well done, Ross, you must be so proud to have achieved yet another dream, you really are an inspiration 😀 xx

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