Imagine mums running the country!

What would you do if you ran the country?

This is the premise of the novel ‘The Mummyfesto’ written by Linda Green. It’s a story about three mums who, despite challenging family dramas, decide to form their own new political party based around what mums think and need.

Couldn’t we just do with that!

It’s a great story and one that certainly gets you thinking – those books are the best!

They propose policies that are in the best interests of mums and children. Our politicians think that they do that now, but they are men, they are out of touch with real family lives lived at minimum wage level and as far removed from the needs of young people as I am from living in Number Ten.

These ladies propose a government not based in Westminster, where ministers’ elite existence is cushioned from reality, but spread out around the country and living in places the rest of us live in on a daily basis.

They propose prioritising those who are most vulnerable like children, the elderly, disabled, ill and invisible and taking better care of them.

And they want to create a fairer distribution of wealth. Is there anyone (apart from rich politicians) who wouldn’t want that?

Mums are really such a powerful force, we have incredible insight and intelligence, we work far harder than someone who just has a normal job all day, yet we are also some of the most invisible and unheard because we are also vulnerable in our mumhood, often financially, emotionally and circumstantially.

For example, it often happens that mums daren’t exercise their right to respect because they are dependent. They daren’t speak up about abuse in case it gets worse. They daren’t challenge school for fear of reciprocation on the child – we are vulnerable through our children as much as for ourselves. And mums often daren’t speak up about injustice because some would use it as an opportunity to call them weak or accuse them of nagging.

Yet mums are absolutely vital.

We are the ones who are in charge of raising the next member of society who could contribute something magnificent, maybe the next prime minister, maybe the next scientist who finds the cure for cancer or answer to climate change. Because it is mostly mums who do the raising!

Yet in our vulnerability we have to take what’s dealt us because men can manipulate us through that vulnerability and through a lack of women in power.

If I ran the country I would make sure there were as many women in power, making political decisions, as men.

If I ran the country I would make policies that respected mums’ work, instead of demeaning it, you only have to consider the attitude to breast feeding in public to see how little it’s respected.

I would make sure women were catered for in the workplace if they have children.

And I would see that mums are financially independent, with fiercer rules about fathers contributing to the keep of their own children. There are so many absent fathers and single mums struggling to feed their kids.

But what would you do if you ran the country?

(Look out for more writing on the value of ‘Mumhood’ in my new book coming soon)

4 thoughts on “Imagine mums running the country!

  1. I fantasize about everyone earning a living wage that is high enough that someone working full time could support a whole household. Then, both parents could work part-time, or one could work full-time. I fantasize about the disparity between high earners and low earners being evened out, to fund this living wage, and to bring high earners a bit more in touch with the reality of the rest of us. (I’d still have merit pay — but a CEO couldn’t earn 20 times as much as an employee.) I fantasize about society paying mothers MORE than the living wage — because after all, what we do is more important than most other things. And what we do is for society’s benefit. If we do it badly, it costs society in prisons, unemployment benefits, health care costs, etc. etc. I fantasize about all of us who want to, being able to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and enjoy life a little more.

    Yep, a political party made of mothers would be full of bickering, just like any other large group of people, but I would love to believe that in the end, mothers, more than other groups, would see that the important thing is bringing up healthy kids and staying healthy ourselves — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We could lead the next revolution!

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