What seeds are growing in your children?

My lovely young stylist

Lovely stylist from little seeds

Yep – I was right – back from holiday and learnt a lot!

When I said in my last post that I was having a little holiday I knew I would be learning something new. Just like taking the children away on holiday shows them so much, this time it’s been me!

I have learnt how wonderfully surprising our young people are and how important it is to keep your mind free from pre-conceptions and compartmentalising them as you raise them. Because you never know what they are destined for and how those little seeds you sow when they are young germinate into the unexpected.

Who’d have thought that all the wrapping of rags and remnants round dolls (and little sister) when she was small would have been the beginnings of the stylist my young adult is now!

Who’d have thought that the history we learnt together through books, programmes, games, outings and the Web would have inspired a history of costume and informed the designing and customising she does now as part of her little business.

Who’d have thought that all that endless performances in front of her family in the living room would have graduated to the real stage.

And who’d have thought that all those writing and English exercises we didn’t do would have led to an inspirational blogger! (http://alanna-somuchlove.blogspot.co.uk/)

And what some may find the most surprising is that by allowing our child to mostly motivate herself and choose the activities she did as part of her home education, rather than forcing her to do statutory academic exercise you normally associate with learning, has created someone so motivated and productive I’m now ‘forcing’ her to have a holiday!

But then if life is so inspirational and exciting and you’re so motivated you don’t really need to get away from it.

Which perhaps is how education should be. Something everyone, particularly politicians, could do with learning!

2 thoughts on “What seeds are growing in your children?

  1. How wonderful and reassuring it is to read this! Motivated, inspired, productive and doing something they love is just where I would like my daughters to be in 15 years time. You must be so proud x

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