Travels on the curriculum

054I’m having a bit of a holiday so I might go quiet.

Holidaying as a writer is a bit like holidaying as a mum – you don’t! You just take your work with you wherever you go. And even if you do slip away without your little charges sometimes, or I without the laptop, we’re still virtually connected as well as in mind and concern! Once a parent always a parent wherever you are!

Besides, travels away are such a good opportunity. They open eyes, broaden minds, develop maturity, intellect, language, extend horizons and experience – and experience educates more than schooling. Holidays away should be a statutory part of the curriculum rather than schools trying to stop parents taking their kids away.

Taking our children away when we were home educating was a delight. To be able to give them new adventures, show them new parts of their world and watch their faces light up with stimulation and awe, was the most delicious part of our home education and as such was never a chore. A change is as good as a rest anyway – that’s so true.

And we all do need a change. Going away always refreshes and brings a different viewpoint, even if it’s not very far away. We always end up learning something and changing within ourselves even if subconsciously.

The odd thing for me now is that going on a little holiday, away from this desk and writing for hours uninterrupted as I longed to do when little ones were around, has done a turnabout. Instead of going away from my children I’m actually going to see them. This is my holiday! I go to spend time with them in their new adult worlds and do things together with adults. And they will be showing me new stuff and new ways of living instead of it being the other way round!

Some things in life you really can never imagine when you’re so immersed in it never considering that it will ever change. Yet the daft thing is we know life changes constantly, if we think about it. The one thing that remains constant is change – if that isn’t a contradiction in terms!

So maybe if you’re wishing for a little break from the demands of children, you could imagine that one day in the future your holiday might just be going to see them!

And whatever parenting or home educating stage you’re at you can be sure there are always new delights to come!


4 thoughts on “Travels on the curriculum

  1. Love this post Ross. Having just been off travelling with my guys and about to embark on another, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s good to open up to new ways of being and seeing, and life is like a river, always flowing on, endlessly moving and refreshing – better to roll with it than stagnate! Have fun in Brighton x

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