Each day you spend with your child…

Did you know that each day you spend with your child is an opportunity to contribute something great? And not just to them; to the world as a whole.

You think the interaction that is taking place between you in the kitchen, at bath time, on the sofa, on the bus, or on your way to the shops is too small to be significant.

But the real significance is this:

Each conversation, every activity you do together, every expression of love, every instruction or guidance offered, every observation, every discussion and little bit of chat you have together teaches.

It teaches your child about his world. About love and relationships. About people. About being part of society. About work and recreation. About help and care, give and take. About the earth and our place on it.

It teaches your child about behaviour, about morals and principles and respect. It develops intelligence, wisdom and kindness. And even self esteem and confidence.

It doesn’t matter how old they are or on what level, there is so much to teach. And your teaching doesn’t stop at your child.

This teaching that comes from your interaction with your child guides them towards being a grown-up who will in turn make their own contribution, whose knowledge skill and kindness could consequently change the lives of others, maybe change whole ideas as David Attenborough or J K Rowling have done through their interaction with us via various media. Your child’s first ‘media’ is you!

And that is what you do when you are with your child – don’t even teach, just interact. Just through simple happy times together they learn so much.

So you can teach wisdom, care and kindness, how to be, how to think and how to relate to the world through your time together. Or you can ignore them.

But whichever you choose you can be sure you will be teaching them something and it will impact on everyone – you included!

Not so small and insignificant as you might have thought! What are you teaching today?

(Lots more to read on this in my forthcoming book, to be published later this year. Pop back occasionally and I’ll keep you posted!)


4 thoughts on “Each day you spend with your child…

  1. Lovely thoughts. As home ed is still new to me, I’m still getting used to the fact that just because they’re not sitting at a table with a book, they’re still learning! So true as well, is your point about interacting together – my daughter is a million times happier now that I can spend all day with her rather than a couple of hours.

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