Being a parent is the best…

I love being a parent…you may have noticed!

I loved being a mum to two small beings who have such awe in everything. I loved that opportunity we had to help them learn about the world as we did whilst home educating through their childhood years, to show them what the world’s like, how it works, how to fit into it, how to support it and how it supports us, which after all is what real education is for! (Read about that adventure in A Funny Kind Of Education)

And I still love being a parent of two adults now who are doing just that and who still share some of it with me. We are more than mum and daughters, we are best friends.

Being a mum is a blessing that not everyone has, not everyone wants and not everyone enjoys as much as me, I appreciate that. We are all different. And we all parent differently.

But one thread that remains constant through all those differences and idiosyncrasies of parenting is its VALUE. Whether you like parenting or not – the value of it remains the same.

Sometimes I see mums that are not really aware of the value I’m talking about.

They don’t seem to understand the enormity of the contribution you make to the world as a mum. It’s huge. It impacts on thousands. It has the potential to make a wonderful loving difference to the whole of society. (See my page – The most valuable thing you will ever do).

This is the value that mums hold in their hands. And that’s what I’m writing about in my new book.

It’s not that I’m not writing about education – or home education any more. Because both of those things are much dependent mums. (See this post to understand…)

It’s just that the truth about the value of mumhood needs telling. Both for mums and the rest of the world.

For mums are not just people who change nappies, push buggies and have screaming offspring in restaurants, as some would like to pigeon hole us.


Mums don’t just change nappies they change the world. They don’t just push buggies they push their own limits of personal endurance. And their screaming offspring might be screaming – usually with boredom as it’s usually the bright ones doing the screaming – while you try and have a quiet meal in a restaurant, but one day those screamers may well be in charge of your world. Imagine that!

Yea, mums have far more worth and far more influence than you’d ever realised. And what they do is of incredible value – to us all.

And it’s about time folks appreciated that, and paid it some attention and helped them achieve it. Which is exactly what the new book ‘MUMHOOD…..’ is about.

4 thoughts on “Being a parent is the best…

  1. Spot on, as always Ross! (How do you do that??) I love being a parent too, and mind very much when it seems to be a role that some people either look down on or dismiss, as if they don’t consider it worthy enough to be a mum, and only a mum, because its not a ‘paid’ job. I even mind that its not an option on forms!
    Looking forward to your new book … is the queue forming yet, cause I’m there 😀

    By the way, just wanted to say how much I still appreciate your blog, even with though my boys are 18 & 16 now. I know I should be bursting with confidence as we’ve HEd for long enough, but I still have my ‘low’ moments mainly because my sister’s & cousin’s kids are A-grade students (just sat part of their GCSEs) & they don’t half go on about it. And, yes, I know that grades don’t mean squat, and I have proof of that — Gordon getting into college with NO GCSEs at all, and then getting the college prize for ‘most committed student’ 2 years running — but I’m from an Asian family and there are days its hard to get away from the ‘school-is-everything’ mentality!! So you, my dear, are a godsend for me 😀 xx

    • Aw! Thank you so much for the lovely comment Joy. That’s so encouraging. And you’ve hit the nail on the head too – I intend there to be plenty in the new book about mums having to fight for respect to parent their own kids simply because it’s not paid. When paid nannies get the respect of having a proper job – weird or what! And here’s a secret – I have major wobbles too, like you say when what others are doing pulls us off track. Then I give myself a good talking to and give thanks that I’ve got happy, achieving children (well young adults) who’ve got their heads and hearts in exactly the right place and are making a worthy contribution to society! That’s what matters! All the very best. xx

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