A summer kind of education

garden 007 Nothing like the summer holidays for some outdoor reading. A doss in the garden with a good book.

Since I’ve been on my butt all week I’m glad to do something more physical away from words and I have endless jungle to trim. Plus a lovely rural setting to enjoy.

But if you don’t want to be as physical as me, if you don’t have the countryside on your doorstep, step into it through me and enjoy ‘A Funny Kind Of Education’.

It’s as much about the beautiful world, family and general happiness as it is to do with education – in fact, that’s part of education too isn’t it?

Here’s a bit to whet your appetite:

Summer spread our education out round the cottage. The sunshine shone across the land as if it would give it kisses of honey and we took our activities outdoors almost every day. The girls spread rugs out and the door was constantly open. Our learning was interrupted with observations instead of phone calls.

“Mum, I can hear a cuckoo!”

“I think cuckoos are mean taking other birds’ nests,” said Charley.

“Well, you could say we take other species homes when we clear ground to build our houses,” I said.

I could almost hear them chewing that over, trying to think of an answer.

“Yea, but we don’t chuck their babies on the floor!”

Sometimes I interrupted it to make them aware.

“What’s that bird singing up there girls, look?” I asked.

“A Lark. A Lark is the only bird that sings on the wing,” said Charley proudly.

“Well done, you remembered.”

We looked up the all creepy crawlies and larva we came across and watched ants nesting. We interrupted education for more education, for our quest for knowledge and understanding. Chelsea hated anything creepy. Butterflies and flowers were her thing. She’d got some chemistry going instead and made perfume while Charley counted the legs on things.

“What are those pigeons doing mum?” The pair of them knew exactly what the pigeons were doing and giggled behind tanned fingers.

“Making love,” I said setting them giggling again.

“Like you and dad,” said Charley cheekily.

“Yes, exactly like me and dad, except we take a lot longer and enjoy it more!” That shut them up. They looked at each other and sniggered some more.

In the evenings there were pulses of Thrush and Blackbird as sweet as any symphony and the girls played outside late not even bothering with the television. Best of all I didn’t even have to call them in early to bed to get up for school the next morning. We could be as flexible as we liked as I knew that their learning did not really need clock watching, it was just part of everyday life.


Read the rest of the book and find out how it worked out for us, what we got up to, even our disasters and how everyday family life can be as educational as anything you’d find inside a school! Untitled-1 copy


And may I take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who’ve read it and left me lovely messages about it or a review on Amazon. (Read them here). For once I’m lost for words to express how much it’s meant to me!

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