Are we educating for dullness or diversity?

roses and 1 in Brighton 001  On the subject of curriculum again aren’t you just absolutely gobsmacked by the beauty of roses?!

In fact all plants and an awesome natural world that can change the dull, stick struck patch of ground I photographed in ‘composting the kids’ earlier in the year to a magnificent abundance of plants. I have to admire the couch grass and the creeping buttercups that, however much I think I’ve dug them out, always seem to come back.

I don’t mind too much. There’s a place for all. Plants are the mainstay of our lives. Without plants there would be no lives; no food, no clean air, etc. And without their ability to adapt and diversify, as every living thing has to do to maintain its place in the ecology of our planet, we would eventually die.

The ability to diversify means progression and survival. So what’s curriculum got to do with any of this?

Well, it seems to me that it is totally nuts – destructive even – to operate an education system that inhibits diversity in our children, that would strait-jacket their education and growth into a single grade-getting, mind numbing curriculum, which suffocates the expression and development of diverse ideas and applauds only those who fit. In other words; applauds those who don’t diversify.

Surely we should be encouraging diversity of ideas and skills, thoughts and action in our children. For doesn’t our survival depend upon it?

Educate for diversity, I say!

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