10 Mindful Minutes

charley and rapefield 007  I’ve been working in the garden lately. Not on the garden, on a notebook balanced on my lap. With distant Larks singing – who needs an Ipod! Buttercups and daisies round my feet – grass needs cutting but bees are happy. A wind blowing – washing’s drying for free! And a wonderful smell of flowers wafting round my nostrils. My senses are filled as I write.

It reminds me that the only time I ever wrote a decent essay was one I wrote in a field! There must have been some kind of sensory injection that made the work improve. It was certainly the only one that stays in my mind. And I think that was because I was doing it mindfully; mindful of the surroundings that lifted me up.

I wonder if children ever manage to learn what lifts them up in their techno-bombarded world? Especially when their worlds are so controlled by parents and schooling and media distractions. It’s like an external barrage day after day that seldom gives them the opportunity to be internal. To be mindful.

I’ve been reading a beautiful book about encouraging our children to be mindful. It tells how beneficial this can be to our children’s wellbeing, mental, physical and spiritual. And outlines activities to practise to bring a little sensory mindfulness to each day. It illustrates how a few moments mindful practise can calm children’s tensions, nerves and hyperactivity, can give them confidence and reassurance, and impact on the whole of family life. It can also improve concentration and achievement.

It’s written by actress Goldie Hawn, a devoted mum and grandmother, with writer Wendy Holden and is called ‘10 Mindful Minutes’.

It’s a really lovely book with lots of valuable ideas to practise with your kids. It’s so worth a look….and not just for the children! You’ll benefit too.

So now I’ve written this I’m going to practice what I preach and have ten mindful minutes listening to the Blackbird singing.



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