A little bit of magic in the day…

The earth weaves us magic all the time

The earth weaves us magic all the time

Just when you think life is dead ordinary you read something that springs a bit of magic into it:

“I believe there is a certain magic to life…an element that is beyond reason and which packs our experience here on earth full of mystery and enquiry. Things happen all the time that we cannot intellectually explain, yet we all too readily dismiss them because we can’t scientifically prove them, as if we humans had reached ultimate knowledge and understanding…

I have found that happiness often comes in the acceptance that there are things that we will never understand in life; instead of relentlessly trying to explain them, we could just sit back and wonder at their majesty.

Passionately and relentlessly following your own beliefs in life, without worrying exactly how it will come together, is often enough to bring whatever you envisage into existence…”

This is Mark Boyle talking in his book ‘The Moneyless Manifesto’ which is about how money pollutes and how we can show the greatest respect possible for the earth by living in other ways.

(visit http://www.moneylessmanifesto.org/ where his book is available for free – how magic is that!)

Immediately I read this bit I thought of home educators – and all parents actually. We have to be a bit like that.

When we raise kids – and we home educated our two children – we have to believe as we watch their development evolve because growing and becoming educated is not something that you can always intellectually predict. It has so many intangible aspects to it like personality and circumstances. And parenting.

Although Mark is not a parent he has more to say on generic education:

“It goes without saying that education is crucial to our wellbeing and happiness. But what type of education is best? Before we can answer that question we have to first consider and define what exactly we are educating ourselves for. If it is for a life in the wage economy and the repetitive conveyor belts of industrialisation, administration and consumerism, then our current education system has a lot of merit… In contrast, if education’s aim is to give us the best opportunity to live happy, deeply connected, sustainable, creative, free, holistic, compassionate and adventurous lives, what form would it take and how would it look?”

I know which kind of education – and development of my children – I would choose every time; the latter.

And I also know that to achieve it takes belief and trust in that bit of magic he talks about, which goes beyond our current established systems and rule books into the unexplainable!


5 thoughts on “A little bit of magic in the day…

  1. I like the way this guy thinks! Such wise words … I especially like the bit about passionately & relentlessly following one’s own beliefs without worrying; that’s the bit that always trips me up — worrying!
    I shall definitely check out his book; thanks for the post.
    Enjoy your weekend 😀

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