Food For Thought – Save The Children

I just had a piece of toast! It’s going to affect the way I think this afternoon.

Think I’m joking? Not at all. The way we feed ourselves changes the way we are. If I haven’t had breakfast I’m a right moody cow. Get a bit of carbohydrate down and the day looks suddenly brighter!

It also affects our kids. We’ve all seen how they crank up a gear after they’ve been fed and how sulky they can be before dinner! We’ve also read about how junk food affects the way children behave. But did we ever think about the fact that because food so affects behaviour it’s also going to affect the way your children learn.

What’s even worse is the fact that lack of good nutrition – or lack of food at all – affects performance academically. And malnutrition in the years even before school affects a child ever after.

I’m saying all this because a quarter of the world’s children are severely malnourished and this affects how they learn and consequently how they earn. Save The Children are appealing for help to tell the world about it.

You can help by visiting their site and supporting their campaign.

Meanwhile closer to home, check out how you feed your children. Know that whatever you feed them affects how they grow, how they learn and how they educate their own children to eat…and so on. They are also completely guided by your behaviour around food, your response to it and the things you are eating! Your responsibility as a parent is to learn about good nutrition and pass it on to them.

A good place to start is here

And some things for your kids to do can be found here

I’m off for a cup of tea – it’s more healthy than you think!

4 thoughts on “Food For Thought – Save The Children

  1. What a coincidence! My boys were talking about healthy eating today and asked to make a chart this week. Thanks for the websites, that’s one job off my list tonight!!
    The discussion was sparked by the fact that we were all very grumpy at lunchtime as we had forgotten our morning snack. One of the things I love about home education is that my children can be involved in the planning, buying, cooking and eating of the food in our house regularly!

    • It’s brilliant isn’t it. We did the same and it’s carried over to them actually cooking decent food when they went away to Uni – aswell as the baked beans which are a healthy staple anyway! Thanks for taking the time to leave this – it’s always great to hear from others. x

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