“Life is about learning…”

003 Am I going away for the Bank Holiday weekend?

No I’m coming home, leaving the seething city I travel manic motorways – sometimes stationary! I syphon off those onto A roads then flower fringed country lanes in the dead of night and finally a single track moonlight lit. I switch off the car headlights to get the full effect. Switch off the engine after four hours of its rumble and breath in the succulent silence and rich rural smells of countryside dark.

Back to the peace and space and loved ones waiting. But sad to leave one behind, grown so great beyond her home educating days here when we had such fun all together living and learning and laughing over it.

We’re still laughing now. Although it’s me being educated just as much as I discover new grown bits of this vibrant young adult. Not only is she holding down a job to keep a roof over her head, she is keeping her more creative passions alive with her performing, she is also starting up a business, and possibly creating her own productions thus creating opportunities for others. And she maintains her own blog too!

And some people accused us of creating ‘jobless, no-hopers’ by home educating.

Some people are just unbearably narrow minded.

“So, I’ve got to ask you these questions,” I laughed as we sat over coffee in a brimming cafe full of others sheltering from the showers. “Other parents just starting home educating want encouragement. What advice would you give to parents and children?”

She burst out laughing over the thought of herself giving advice – she didn’t feel that grown up! But then launched into one of those passionate, pro-active, inspirational outbursts I admire so much.

“I would say – encourage experience in any subject they might be interested in or show passion for whether you know about it or not and don’t just stick to the constraints of the National Curriculum. There are thousands of other subjects which are ignored. Don’t discredit subjects that are not academic subjects … do you want to produce a clone or someone who has had a wide experience of different subjects which could be applied to a spectrum of different careers? And to the kids I would say – don’t just follow the crowd, follow your own interests whether they’re deemed to be ‘normal’ or not – see my website … ” and laughter bubbles up again and I catch it too! We both know what an independent spirit she is and how she wants to inspire others to be the same. So much for home educating keeping kids cloistered!  (Here’s her blog; http://alanna-somuchlove.blogspot.co.uk/)

I thought about this on the long way back. Before I go to bed after one o’clock by this time I let her know I’m back safe and we swap loving texts. Among the love there’s more advice to pass on; ‘Every day life is about learning is it not!”

She is so right. I am learning. She loves learning. And I’m convinced that she discovered that from home education!

6 thoughts on ““Life is about learning…”

  1. Thank you! Advice taken!!!! Laughter and love in your relationship felt. I missed having Funny Kind of Education around (I got it out from the library so its gone back now) in the weeks around welcoming our new daughter as I knew a flick through it would reassure me that when family crises/big moments happen and ‘normal’ home ed routine is abandoned, learning is still happening. This post is part of that reassurrance as going through these big moments together as a family is indeed preparation for life isn’t it – part of the tapestry x

  2. lovely post as ever… and perfect advice! I must still be deschooling as I still catch myself thinking along subject-lines (as defined by the National Curriculum) – but of course she’s totally right: life, and life’s opportunities are so, SO much broader than that! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Rachel – glad it inspired. I did the same – slipped back into Nat. Curric. ways! So I know how much a prompt helps sometimes.

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