Not saying ‘love you’…

Her first Uni year is coming to an end. She is anxious.

I took a liberty, usually only afforded to mums of little ones; I reached out across the settee and touched her hair. Twiddled the long shank of curl round my finger in an affectionate gesture.

I just wanted to offer comfort. And you can’t swaddle up big people like you can when they’re little and hurts are easily healed by hugs on lap. It doesn’t work any more; not just because they’re big but because they don’t want it in the same way.

I was expecting “Get off!”

Instead, she turned to look at me and softened her Ipad eyes into love. She put the screen aside and laid her head down on my knee, lifting legs up. She’s too tall to stretch out on the settee now – there was a time when she could only just see over it. She quietly melted.

We stayed like that a while. I stroked her hair.

It’s not saying ‘love you’ all the time that tells them how much they are loved. It’s those gestures that pass between you, at whatever age, which truly tell it all.

14 thoughts on “Not saying ‘love you’…

  1. Awwww this made me want to cry too! That was beautifully written, and how lucky am I to have a mum who is just so incredible. Now I’m jealous, I want a cuddle! However big you get you still want your mum and dad. Keep it up, your an inspiration to so many.

  2. couldn’t agree more – action speak louder than words sometimes. have a lovely bank holiday.

  3. Aww Ross, you made me cry ! I so miss those moments with my Mum even at 40 (well, it will be 41 tomorrow). I remember being a teenager and I always knew Mum was there for me to give me the reassurance and love I needed in whatever way I needed it. We don’t need to always say “I love you”; as they say, “actions speak louder than words”. Thank you so sharing this beautiful post xx

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