A funny Kind Of … Love!

Untitled-1 copy I just want to say Thank You.

If you’re not a writer you won’t know how much the little messages of support, the reviews, comments, and the endorsements for my book ‘A Funny Kind of Education’ mean to a girl! So thank you to all those who’ve taken time to write them. It lifts me up!

You have to wonder sometimes why writers do it. Why bare sensitivities and offer them up for poking? But I once read that writers write because they love the world. Because they love the world so much they want to write about it, write for it, write to it.

And that’s about right I guess.

I wrote ‘Learning Without School’ because I love kids and I want to show people that kids don’t have to endure schooling if it’s not right for them. I know some kids love school, but I also know that some suffer because of school; I have worked there and seen it. Seen it crush that natural love of learning in many. It doesn’t have to be like that.

There are other ways to educate and this book was to help parents wanting to have a go.

And ‘A Funny Kind Of Education’ is also to do with love I guess.

It’s full of parenting love, full of an example of that love of learning that all kids have and how it can be developed into education. It’s about family love most of all and how great life can be when you home educate. How basic and normal home educating is really, once you slough off years of conditioning about needing schools for education.

We did once. We don’t necessarily now. And I wanted to write a picture of how children’s education can be developed through any ordinary loving family circumstances. So do please help me spread the love; share it around any parenting networks you belong to and help increase understanding of how education could be so different and how no one needs to suffer for it.

And – yes – I’d buy the idea that writers write because they love the world. ‘A Funny Kind Of Education’ is as much a story of family love as anything and I hope even people who have no interest in home education will enjoy just for that.

So thank you to all those who’ve made their own little expressions of love to me about my writing.

It truly means so much.



4 thoughts on “A funny Kind Of … Love!

  1. Ross, what a lovely thought that writers write because they love the world. That really does come across in your book – it’s so warm and loving, it naturally inspires love in return. I think it’s a lovely depiction of a family’s home ed journey and I hope loads of people read it and are encouraged to choose the best education for their children, whether that be at school or at home 🙂

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