Raising kids via the three Cs…

002 “It’s the three Rs that are important,” I was told when I was a fresh young student keen to teach. “Reading Writing and Arithmetic.”

Despite the fact that whoever thought that one up couldn’t spell and times have moved on – supposedly – I think we still have a legacy from it, judging by the heavy emphasis on academic curriculum that’s being bandied about politics right now.

But I reckon that’s always been wrong. There are other things which are of more value to leading life – the three Cs:


It works like this:

Without caring what you do with them, qualifications are nothing. Without connecting with others, curriculum and everything you learn as a result of it is pointless. And without making a contribution, however small, you might as well not be educated.

It is care that make lives rich, connecting with others who care that makes life happy, and making a contribution to the world that makes life worth it.

I think we’d do better by our kids to raise them to understand the value of the three Cs however old they are and however they are educated!

8 thoughts on “Raising kids via the three Cs…

  1. Amen. It is all about ‘Connection’ isn’t it? We feel connected when others care, when we care. We feel connection by contributing and by receiving other’s contributions. Love this post. ❤

  2. Wow! Beautifully spoken truth! I think I want to write out the three C’s and plaster them around the house – thanks, Ross 😀

  3. I was just having this conversation with my hubby yesterday morning, saying this exact same thing to him! Thanks for manifesting as a post what I was thinking myself! Xxx

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