Composting the kids…

006 Am I completely nuts?

I just have to go outside even if it’s like the Arctic and snow flurries keep biting my nose end. But I’m stir-crazy with confinement. And my bum is becoming sofa shaped and screaming at me to get off it. My eyes burning for a computer free day.

So whatever the conditions I’m off outdoors this weekend.

I used to see the same madness on the children’s faces when we’d been indoors too much. It was so much easier when they were young. I could convince them it was going to be great once when we got out, despite what conditions beyond the window suggested. They’re not so easily hoodwinked now!

I leave my youngest to the laptop and go dig the compost – a nice hot job for a freezing day. And it makes me go all philosophical.

There’s nothing more satisfying than to see the rhythms of nature come full circle. To physically see that whatever grows from the earth will eventually return to it. Us included. And as I fork what was once waste from our garden and kitchen it is turned into a reward for the soil for all that it gives us. And the quality is the result of all I’ve put into it.

Kids are a bit like that. They will gradually compost all that you put into them, assimilate it into their minds and morals and behaviour, and grow to reflect everything that you have spent time and bother putting there.

And just like with my compost, it’s worth paying attention to that. Worth being careful to only provide that which will nourish your kids; physically, mentally and spiritually.

A bit philosophical for a holiday but a really fitting thought for Easter and the season of re-growth.


3 thoughts on “Composting the kids…

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  2. How beautiful! I love the metaphor and completely agree but never thought of it in such organic terms before. Composting – love it!

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