Let’s shut our kids up…

Let’s shut our kids up and stop them thinking for themselves. Let’s mass produce them to think what we want them to think and regurgitate it on demand and call it qualification. Lets disregard their need to express themselves in physical, creative, original and independent ways and tell them that they need to do what they’re told. And let’s disrespect them so severely we can make them believe that they have nothing of worth to offer and the only thing of value to know is what we tell them to know. Let’s make them all the same, think the same, dress the same, mould them towards the same outcomes, like products on a conveyor belt, even though they’re all different. And lets keep them stuck inside an institution that bears no relation to the social, cultural and working practises of the real world whilst we do it And let’s tell them they’re wrong to question it even though they may be right.

Oh – I forgot – we already do. It’s called schooling. And it’s about to get worse.

Professors, parents, teachers all say that an over prescriptive curriculum is ruining education. And what does Gove do? He makes it even more prescriptive, completely disregarding those who know about it when he doesn’t.

See this article in the Independent.

Can you tell I’m a bit steamed up by this idiot and his ideas? He’s prescribing what kids should learn and he fails learn himself; learn from all those who know better than him because they work in the field.

It is beyond belief. It is beyond any more words. It makes me ask; is there no hope for our kids’ education?

Well, only through home educating!

9 thoughts on “Let’s shut our kids up…

  1. I watched Gove on Question Time yesterday. He claimed that learning the ‘rules’ of English and Maths first would lead to children being able to be creative with words and numbers later. What rubbish! How can he not see that it’s through teaching children to learn by rote things that seem to have no relevance to them that all future creativity will be crushed?

  2. This is something I’ve been really struggling with. My eldest is in yr 1 so we’re nearly through 2 years of ‘formal’ education. I have been really disappointed with how the school engage the children, how they inspire them. It’s hard to put my finger on it but when talking with some other parents I realised that there is no true educationalist at the heart of the school, there’s a headmaster who doesn’t teach but ‘manages’ the school and there are many teachers who are ‘good’ at making the children hit certain targets but no-one who truly inspires a love of learning, the joy of books, the beauty of ideas. I find it very depressing and really sad to know it’s only going to get worse. I think of it as the lowest common denominator approach.

    • thanks so much for commenting – it is truly sad – you’re right. And difficult to see a positive resolution! And you’re also right in saying that it is the joy of learning that gets sacrificed and if you don’t have that, few kids will see the point of their education. Education is such an uplifting and life-enhancing experience but I guess few children would see it as such. I think that’s one of the major reasons so many parents opt to home educate – they have the opportunity to keep that joy alive. Thanks again and best wishes. x

  3. http://www.midkent.ac.uk/news/news-archive/maria-achieves-countrys-highest-result-

    This young person was home educated for 8 years. She knows nothing about certain “facts” figures and rote learning. She is at University achieving straight firsts. She stepped back into the education system at 16 – she was scorned for having 3 GCSE’s and enrolled in a FE college as they were the only ones who would have taken her back into the system to study A levels! Her tutors said her results had nothing to do with them! She had the FREEDOM to learn, which was proven with her example to be the way forward towards the best education system , she was never spoon fed information. She is a natural independent learner, which is something nearly ALL of her peer group struggle with when they move into Higher Education. Uni lecturers expect their students to be able to learn without being “taught at”…!

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