Your children are looking at you!

I’m having trouble concentrating today. My eldest is coming back tonight for a few days and a little holiday and I’m a bit distracted with looking forward to it.

She’s very tired at the moment from working hard, building her new independent life after her years here home educating. Inevitably I shall offer advice and guidance, just wanting to support. Not sure it’s welcome now she’s twenty two but as a parent I just can’t help it!

Whether they’re little or whether they’re big like mine, each day your children look to you for guidance. Most particularly when they’re tiny and at home with you.

They look to you for everything. For a role model on how to behave. For a demonstration on how to interact with others. For an image of how to lead a good and proactive life. For permission.

They’re looking at you for an example of how to care, how to manage their emotions, how to build relationships, what purposeful activities to do, what’s important, what morals to adopt, how to be responsible. How to be confident. How to have self esteem.

How to love.

But, despite offering words of support because I just can’t keep my mouth shut, I know deep down that the most important influence that I can possibly have does not come from our words, but from what we do. Our children learn more from the way we are than from anything we tell them.

I’m wondering how much my eldest has seen me rest and nurture myself, so busy was I with home educating and creating a working and purpose filled way of living life. I’m going to relax and practise what I’m preaching here this coming week.

So, this is just to remind you to be aware of what guidance and example you’re giving your little ones from the way you are today; and to make it as positive and blessed as mine is going to be!


4 thoughts on “Your children are looking at you!

  1. You’re so right Ross. My children have said a couple of times that they’re not sure they would home educate their children because it looks really hard work. Of course, it’s completely their choice, but I would hate them to not do it solely because I’d given the impression it was too difficult and not joyous. It is hard work sometimes, of course it is, just as parenting in general is, but it seems I’ve been so busy huffing and puffing I haven’t communicated the enjoyment I get out of it. So I have been changing my tack subtly, relaxing more and dropping into the conversation every now and then how much I enjoy it. And, really, that’s the more honest picture anyway 🙂

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