The Icarus Deception

007Oooops; I’ve ranted about creativity before. But I’m just reading a book which is blowing me away and it’s all about the importance of being creative: (‘The Icarus Deception’ by Seth Godin).

Did you know you can’t actually live your life without being creative?

People think being creative means painting pictures or making other artworks. That’s just one side of it. In reality we are all creative every day of our lives. You basically need creative skills in order to live.

My partner thinks he’s not creative at all – then he goes and tells me how he’s had to think out strategies on the pool table to win a game against people who are better than him. It required creative thinking – yea – even that’s creative.

You will be doing it all the time, even in the simplest of terms like asking ‘what am I going to wear today?’ Every moment of every day you’ll be engaging creative thinking to move yourself forward.

Here are some of the things you’ll be creative about:

–          Making decisions

–          Arranging your home

–          Solving problems

–          Feeding yourself

–          Your budget

–          Mending things

–          Thinking round a challenge

–          Your parenting (definitely need creative thinking to overcome the challenges that one throws at you!)

You beginning to see what I mean?

You are creative every day of your life really. And the more creative activity you have in your life the better it will be. And the more you encourage your children to think creatively the better skilled they will be in leading their own lives.

They are going to need it. In the current economic and employment climate they’ll need to be creative as there won’t be the opportunities there once was to get a job and stick with it for life. They’ll have to be far more creative in the way they generate income, create their own living spaces, develop their own lives, make a contribution, look after the planet.

So encourage as much creative thinking and activity in your children as you can. If you’re home educating, you will already have started as it takes a creative mind to think outside that school box.

Life, (and schooling and politics and some parenting and some employers and society in general), usually likes to keep us inside the box. If we stay inside the box we stay the same as everyone else and that makes people feel safe. They feel threatened by those who step outside the norm – hence some of the negative attitudes towards those parents who choose to home educate!

Seth’s view on school; “School has become an industrialised system, working on a huge scale, that has significant by-products, including the destruction of many of the attitudes and emotions we’d like to build our culture around. In order to efficiently jam as much testable data into each generation of kids, we push to make those children compliant, competitive zombies”.

Thought provoking stuff.

If you think about it, it is those who could think beyond the obvious who have made the greatest contributions, the greatest advancements and developments. That takes a creative, open mind. That’s what we need to educate our children to do and stop making them obedient little test passers.

Seth Godin’s book is about making art. But he sees art as the kind of creative activity I’m talking about and maintains that being creative is part of the journey of living. He says;

“The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and soul”.

That is our aim in parenting our kids isn’t it; to help them on that journey?

7 thoughts on “The Icarus Deception

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  2. Ross – that’ s now definitely on my reading list! It is amazing how endlessly creative we are – when given the freedom!

  3. People of a certain age (ie extended longevity into the ’60s and ’70s) will know that Pete Townshend was creating ‘auto destruction art’ when smashing his guitars on stage. Now that is my kind of creativity!

  4. Great post, yes, it’s amazing how people automatically assume that creativity is simply writing a story or painting a picture. If we look around our world and look at houses, clothes, even roads – all these are the focus of someone’s creativity – they had to be imagined before they came to be. We can not function without creativity, it’s a shame it’s not cherished more.

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