B off winter…

003  Ice up the windows again this morning. Flipping Nora will winter just B off!

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the spectacle of snow covered vistas. Or the jewels of frosted ice hanging off stems and stiles and wires. Or cosying beside the fire in those long dark hours. But those long dark hours take a toll on my mentality when I am light starved. I do go out and brave a battering every day but it’s not enough.

Move over winter. Give me some light!

I know there is a slight lightening now, not long after I’m awake. There is even an extra hour at the other end of the day. And I know that in between has changed too, infinitesimal it may seem as the temperature plummets yet again and the poor cold birds have hardly enough energy to forage round the bird table. I know how they feel.

But I need more light yet to keep me sane. With more light comes more energy. My sap will rise the same as the twigs’ I examine for burgeoning buds. I’ll feel a surge of singing coming on like that cheeky Robin, breast all bright and showy. And the ever increasing light will pull me up from winter blackness towards a more illuminated life.

Can’t wait. But maybe it’s just as well we have winters, for without would I appreciate all this? You need contrast to appreciate what comes next. Cold to appreciate warmth. Wet to appreciate dry. Work to appreciate leisure. Hardship to appreciate the comfort we mostly live our lives in these days.

Easy to take it all for granted really.

Although, the way I’m feeling now, winter is one of those things I’m definitely going to appreciate once it has gone!


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