Author reading – well, trying to…

Make yourself comfy and listen to a short extract from ‘A FUNNY KIND OF EDUCATION’

My daughter thought it was so funny – she says I sound like something off Jackanory! I didn’t think she’d know what Jackanory was but kids know everything these days! After all the hysterics (from her – she was filming it for me) and bad language (from me – well; I’d held back during all those years of home educating) she also put together a film of Bloopers but I’m not sure I’m releasing that!

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Author reading – well, trying to…

  1. That’s it Ross – sock it to them. Now you’re up and at ’em, I’m looking forward to the next one – I really liked the background you had and it’s set me off thinking that you should do one in the enchanting countryside where you live also. Just a thought.

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