Different worlds

snow geese 005  The sight of thousands of wild geese was my treat on my walk this morning. They lift from their grazing ground and call and cackle and take my spirits up high with them as I watch.

These staggering spectacles from the natural world never fail to delight me. And I feel so lucky and privileged to have this wild place on my doorstep.

‘What a marvellous place to raise a family’ people used to say to me.

Well, only if you’re into it.

Our eldest wasn’t. You see, she needed a culture of a different kind. With people and noise and hubbub like you find in a city. We visited this different environment quite often when we were home educating to give them flavours of other life. And I could see her come alive; every fibre of her resonate with those vibrant surroundings and she couldn’t wait to go live a city life. I knew exactly what she was feeling because I’d felt it in reverse, I longed for the peace and green environment of the natural world when I was growing up in the city. I could see the same hunger in her that I’d had.

Funny how things turn about.

It’s not always like that, I know. But we have to be aware, as parents, of the fact that our children are different people from us, who have needs in them quite different from our own. We have to be aware of the different worlds they might need in order to flourish and allow it to be okay. Let them go.

So while she walks the streets I walk under the wild geese and think of all the times she had to listen to me harping on about them whilst she rings and tells me which celebrity she just bumped into.

Different worlds! Give me the wild geese any day, but each to their own!


9 thoughts on “Different worlds

  1. Ross I’m the same as you, I need to be out in the countryside or I’d go potty. The only city I like is Bristol, and I do enjoy going there for the vibrant mix of cultures occasionally but I’m always glad to come home to the sound of songbirds and the wind in the trees :).

  2. Love the post – I have a thing for geese – I would like to keep some as guard dogs like they used to do, It’s funny this thing about liking different settings as all my family have to have so much country and so much city – we must greedy things, wanting it all.

  3. If you look closely two of the geese have been nominated for an Oscar, and one is a past Nobel Peace prize winner. Takes all worlds.

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