To my daughters because I love you!

so many blogs with pictures of babies - these are mine!

so many blogs with pictures of babies – these are mine!

I was walking round the shops before Christmas looking for a special present. And I became aware of a mum and small child also walking round looking, hand in hand. The little one was being very patient but mum was making it easy for her by chatting away all the time. They were exchanging comments and observations about what they saw – a relationship ripe for home educating, I thought!

Then they got within proper earshot and I heard their new conversation.

“I love you mummy,” said the little one.

“I love you more,” mummy replied.

“No, I love you more,” said the little one smiling up at her.

“Oh no, you can’t possibly. I love you more!” And she radiated such a warm and happy smile down at her child.

Giggling breaks out.

I looked at them. You could almost tangibly see the love that flowed between them as they looked into each other’s faces. I smiled at both as the loving conversation continued. And I couldn’t help chipping in.

“I still have this conversation with mine and the eldest is twenty two,” I laughed.

And I do! This newer mummy has such joys to come.

So this post is to say I love you girls, and before you say it; I love you more….

And to everyone else; may all your new years bring as much love into your lives as I have had.

Happy New Year.



8 thoughts on “To my daughters because I love you!

  1. What a lovely post,Ross! I often have that same conversation with my son who is 10, although I wonder how much longer that will continue. Happy new year to you! Your girls are beautiful! Rachel x

  2. Wishing you and your lovely family a Happy, Healthy New Year Ross! Such a delightful post, as usual (apologies for the prolonged absence). Isn’t it wonderful to still be able to enjoy such exchanges with our children, no matter their age; I still have similar ones with my boys and remember having them with my mum well into my 40s!!

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