Can’t wait for the presence…

008 It’s nearly Christmas and I’m excited as a child waiting for Santa.

But it’s not the presents I’m waiting for, it’s the presence of my lovely young people. It used to be them doing the waiting and the pestering when they were at home full time, home educating. Now, I admit, it’s me!

Probably if you’re a parent reading this and you’ve got your little ones around you all the time, you cannot even conceive what I’m talking about. But this day will come to you too. The difficulty will not be managing the dynamics of you all being together all the time under one roof as you have to do when you’re a home educating parent. The difficulty will be in actually getting you all together again just for a short time over Christmas.

Bet you can’t imagine that!

I couldn’t, in fact it’s hard to believe now. When I read about all the lovely activities parents are doing on the home education blogs (listed here) it takes me right back to those sticky experiments, dubious investigations and imaginative artwork that we did when they were at here full time.

We’ve gone from thinking the house was too small to cope with all the collections of home education activities, resources I was saving and recycling, man-size models, books and general junk you accumulate when you home school… To the house now being startlingly bare and boringly tidy.

We’ve gone from wondering how we were ever going to manage any Christmas secrets since we’d so encouraged their curiosity about the world – curiosity being the motivation to learn – it over spilled into all things including what was in the bags we were sneaking up the stairs… To them now tagging me on Facebook with a link to a hint for Christmas!

How things change!

One thing that hasn’t changed is their ingenuity with budgets and presents.

We did masses of home made stuff when they were younger – creative activities so valuable in building a range of skills; thinking included. And this seems to have carried on into their adult lives as, strapped for cash as everyone is, they’re using their imagination to come up with gift ideas. They’re phoning me up and telling me of the some of the making, remaking and recycling they’re doing – not giving anything away of course.

So I decided I’d be crafty too and do some of my own. Trouble is; I have to up the quality as they’re becoming so good at it and I can feel their critical eye roaming over my work instead of mine over theirs!

You know you’ve done a good job of home educating when your children are cleverer than you.

Well, they may be cleverer, but I think it’s probably me this year that is the most excited.

Can’t wait for Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Can’t wait for the presence…

  1. Smiled while reading throughout! Good to read as I have two little ones…I hope you have a fab time all together with your creative gifts. I’m sure they’ll pass muster – haha!

  2. Oh I’m excited for you too as you wait for your two beautiful daughters to return to the nest for Christmas. We’re at the inbetween stage, we’ve been through the creeping things up stairs so that little eyes won’t know about the shopping and waiting for Santa. Now it’s the teenager who know I’ve been shopping online and even though he doesn’t know what he’s getting, he’s moaning about the post day and night because nothing has come yet. When I said that it didn’t matter because he couldn’t have any of the stuff anyway, he said that it did matter because he wanted to know that the parcels had been delivered safely!

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