A magazine especially for Home Educators.

Education Outside School magazine

The next issue of EOS is out; the online magazine for home educators. I wish there’d been something like this when we started home educating, it makes you feel part of a community, supported and legit!

The beauty of these online publications is that, at last, what we get to read is no longer decided by elitist publishers with a big profit their only consideration rather than what folks might want.

Obviously publishing houses are businesses and have to make profit, but I think many businesses go beyond need to greed. And what I hadn’t twigged, and now I do having published independently, is that publishers have also denied us access to masses of brilliant stuff simply because it wasn’t commercial enough.

Think of all the Indie bands whose music’s become noticed by circulating it independently. Now, people who want to publish more contentious subjects – like home education – can do so and this means we’ll get to read all sorts of diverse, radical and vibrant stuff we didn’t have access to before.

Publishing independently used to have the stigma of ‘not being good enough’ or ‘vain’ attached to it. Not any more. Indie means now that people who think beyond the usual, like home educators do, who have different ideas to offer, now have the opportunity to get it out to the people who need it.

This is why independent writers and publishers do what they do in the first place – it’s certainly why I do what I do, and EOS. We have something to say and want to offer support. There may be lots of dross to plough through at times but let’s not forget there’s lots of conventionally published dross too.

Thanks to Independent publishing via the Web we will now have proper choice.

True choice; not just choices made by huge institutions like commercial publishers (not to mention the educational system). A diversity of material to view so we can be informed; not manipulated by politics or a ‘divide and rule’ control, suffocating new ideas.

We have access to a range of ideas that we never had pre-Web.

Just like those in EOS where you can read lots of brilliant articles to support you in your home education and an exclusive Christmas extract from my new book.

Do check it out: http://educationoutsideschool.co.uk/

3 thoughts on “A magazine especially for Home Educators.

  1. Thanks so much for this, Ross! I’ve not come across this website before but now I think I may be spending the next few evenings catching up on all the back issues!
    R x

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