006 You have to mind your language when you’re a parent. It’s not good enough telling the kids not to swear then swearing yourself. Kids learn by what you do, more than by what you tell them.

We did our best not to swear as parents…not saying we managed it all the time:

“Mum – meeee?” asked my youngest one day with serious-question face.

“Yes, darling?”

“Is ‘cobblers’ a bad word?”

Quick recap on my behalf.

“Why? Where did you hear that?”

“Daddy said it in the car the other day.”

You can always rely on your kids to spill the beans – I enjoyed telling him about that later!

My brother has a good example of trying to do his best to moderate language learned in youth. He was in the car with his little girl when the idiocy of another driver nearly caused an accident. His immediate reactions was;

“Oh, fuc …cod’s sake.” He at least managed to redirect it to something milder.

You really do have to smarten up your language when you’re a parent. In fact, you have to smarten up your act all together; take a good look at yourself and do something about the questionable bits. And maybe if you use language that’s not fit for kids, perhaps it’s not fit for saying at all.

We obviously didn’t manage it completely because they knew enough to write a list for a swear jar (read what happened in ‘A Funny Kind of Education’), but I like to think it was the language they’d heard other people use not us!

These days the F word seems common usage – trendy almost. Does it really matter?

Not sure, but the other day I was out on my bike on a single track country road and some maniac virtually drove at me in his four-by-four, obviously too busy to bother slowing down for cyclists, forcing me off the road into the mud and slime and splattering me with his tidal wave.

I’m afraid I was so incensed I used the F word a lot, followed by what’s in my picture.

I have heard that using bad language is supposed to be a healthy release for pent up anger. I certainly let some out that day!

Thank goodness we no longer have little kids around to hear it.


5 thoughts on “Knob!!

  1. If I swear, everyone knows it means trouble because I really don’t swear much at all – I didn’t do that when my son was small but as he knows all the words now, I find it is a very effective way of letting the family know that I have been pushed too far.

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