Passionate parenting and Maverick TV

Passionate about education? Me? How did you guess?

But there is perhaps one thing that I’m more passionate about even than that: Parenting.

And I’m passionate about parenting because parenting, like education, has the power and the potential to make a difference to the world.

How? Because the way children are parented reflects throughout the world. It’s like an infectious smile where you smile and people smile back at you, it then makes them feel happier, so they pass a smile onto someone else, and so on.

As a parent you have the chance to make your kids smile about life, to be caring and respectful, to be loving and conscientious. And you do that, not by some kind of external disciplining processes or strategies you hear about in nanny programmes, it’s simpler than that.

You do it simply by making sure that you are loving and respectful, caring and conscientious. Always. No half measures. No cop outs thinking that your kids have to do what you say rather than what you do. They notice what you do. What you do counts to them more than what you say. Your behaviour is what parents your children – I believe it’s that simple.

I just wanted to pass that tip on and get parents to believe in the importance of their parenting. Because I think it’s hard parenting in today’s world where so much of the parenting wisdom that was passed on through generations and through communities doesn’t exist any more – and it’s a tougher and more complicated world!

And in the hope of indirectly supporting other parents I also want to pass on another message. It’s come to me from a TV producer at Maverick Television. They want to make a programme about parenting – no small job! So if you’re a ‘larger than life character’ who’d be interested in passing your parenting expertise or style onto other parents then they’d really like you to get in touch.

Here’s the message they’ve asked to be passed on:

Maverick Television is looking for inspiring mums.

Do you have a particular parenting technique or method that you believe works well?

Are you proud of your style of parenting and believe others could learn from you?

We are developing a parenting show and want to hear from strong mums who would be happy to talk about parenting and what works for them. We are looking for mums with two or more children.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please email

So – anyone reading this fancy a go or know of someone up to the job?!


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