Glories of the season…

  Sometimes Autumn is too beautiful for words. I hope you manage to get your children out away from their technological devices to appreciate it.

Appreciate the beauties of it. And help them understand that these beauties are just an added bonus to the reality of the fact that without the earth and the changing of the seasons we would be nothing. There would be no food, no heat to keep us warm, not even any technology for them to play with!  

Wrap up whatever the weather and go out and look for these glories of the season. Keep them in touch with the earth – that way they’ll care about it. An essential part of educating them.

And when you get back tune into Autumnwatch on the BBC, if you haven’t already seen it, to get a wider and wonderful picture.


6 thoughts on “Glories of the season…

  1. I love walking with Will in autumn – especially when the sun is out and it highlights all the beautiful colours, we’re all wrapped up and returning home to a hot casserole to get stuck into – perfect.

  2. This is exactly how I feel Ross – it’s so important to instill in our children a love for the earth. I’m writing an article about just this at the moment! We have been fully appreciating this gorgeous Autumn 🙂

  3. So true, Ross – and I hope those with children heed your suggestion -if they can dodge the rain and snow! One of the things I used to enjoy in teaching, before the National Curriculum (spit) and which i was able to enjoy in the looser environment of the PRU, was seeing something on the way to work and doing a spontaneous lesson. Autumn was great for that, and with free vis aids!

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