Have you ever wanted to know what it was really like to home educate?…

  … Well now you can because my book tells it how is is.

It’s different from the last – the guide to home educating – because it’s a story. The story of an ordinary family.

Yes – ordinary. Not extreme, or alternative, academic or religious because we’re not any of those things. We just felt that we could no longer watch our kids becoming unhappy, unwell, and switched off to the learning they’d always been so keen on before they went to school. So we decided to withdraw them from school and do something else; home educate. And we built an extraordinary happiness doing it.

It wasn’t all roses – course not! No family life is. But it wasn’t as hard as you might think either. What it was – or turned out to be – was a continued joy and something we never regretted for one single instant.

If the idea of home schooling freaks you out this will help you realise it doesn’t need to. Because, if you think about it, you will have already been home educating your child. You just weren’t aware of it. But you will have been teaching your child no amount of stuff pre-school; how to walk and talk, use tools and the toilet! Get dressed and use technology. All sorts of things.

It’s just that this little family returned to that full time, educating through every day life, through all the little dramas all families go through, from indecision, bereavement and moving house, to what to cook for tea and how to think about the future. It all has the potential for learning – even going to the loo!

So, if you’ve ever wondered what a home school family life was like, this will give you a peep. A peep at the learning and laughter and love all rolled into one, that home educating turned out to be.

Read an exert or two on the MY BOOKS page.

(You can order it here)


17 thoughts on “Have you ever wanted to know what it was really like to home educate?…

  1. I’ve just finished reading it, Ross, and wanted to thank you for a fabulous read! It hit so many chords with me, particularly the bit about not having to write stuff down to have learnt it. I shall be passing it on to as many family and friends as I can!
    Rachel x

    • Thank you so much Kate, I really hope you enjoy it. Good luck with the home ed blog. The more people read about it the more home education will be understood and the more parents will realise that they don’t always have to accept approaches to learning forced on to their children in school.

  2. This looks fantastic. We just started homeschooling (7th grade and pre-k). We’re only doing it temporarily, but I live and breathe this stuff, lol. We’ve been having so much fun.

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