The wonders of home education…

Show them the wonders of the real world

Home educating is wonderful – although you might not have guessed that from my last post!

Since I was dwelling on the heavy side thought I’d mention the wonders this time…

–          Just think; it will be YOU – not the teachers who probably don’t get the chance to notice it anyway – who sees all those little triumphs your child makes as they grow, develop and achieve. A wonder to behold!

–          There is nothing that surpasses witnessing the pleasure of your child’s awe in everything. They have such curiosity and awe about the world around them. They want to know about everything – a sign of their intelligence and thirst for learning. In school this can get disregarded. But as a home schooler it is the best motivational tool you could possibly have to facilitate their learning and keep their desire to learn alive. Awe is a wonderful thing to share in!

–          There is no replacing the wonderful opportunity to be out in the real world, teaching your children about real things, real life, mixing with real people, rather than them only experiencing the inhibited world and relationships encapsulated in the unnatural environment of a school, one that is never likely to be repeated again. What better place to learn about the world than to be in it? Enjoy showing them the world.

–          You can nurture a wonderful relationship. You probably have that already or you wouldn’t consider home educating. And it’s not going to be without its challenges; but no long term relationship is anyway, so don’t worry. The beauty of having your children learning out in the world with you is that you have the best opportunity to demonstrate and grow respectful, loving relationships between you and a wide range of people from all social circles and ages. And it’s through this example that children learn to develop their own social skills and relationships. An essential life skill and essential to our happiness in life.

–          Children get the chance of a happy learning life. People ask me; what’s happiness got to do with learning? Well, basically happy kids learn well. Being happy with learning means they will be confident to go on and tackle new challenges throughout their life, which is what enables a person to learn, grow, blossom and be productive. It has a snowball effect; increasing confidence and happiness all the time. What better start in life could there be?

Just a few of the wonders of homeschooling – please…take a minute…and add some of your own!

8 thoughts on “The wonders of home education…

  1. All so true, Ross. Another motivating read! I love the focus on relationships and agree wholeheartedly with all of the points you made. I love being there for their milestone accomplishments, in the moment. To see the recognition, pride, and inspiration to do more. My son showed his picture to me 5 times in five minutes and to my mom on skype, he was so proud of how carefully he coloured. Love that lovley smile of accomplishment!

  2. When I see what well adjusted, happy people the children of my home-schooling friend’s are, it brings home the ultimate irony to me – I can’t help thinking our current schooling system needs more teachers with a ‘home schoolers’ atitude to learning!

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