No more snivelling…

launching into the world

Okay…have to stop snivelling over house now being empty of home schooling kids (see last post) and get my next book out there. It’s about home schooling too – how did you guess? But this time it’s a story; a family story, a fun story, full of decisions and dilemmas, love and laughter. Just like any family’s life really!

It’s only lately that I’ve realised that there are elements of the writing life I’m trying to develop that are very similar to the home educating life I’m leaving behind.

Like writing a book, you start home schooling from an enormous act of faith. You plough through other people’s doubts and criticisms like you didn’t have enough of your own. Not to mention their insinuations about your kids not having a ‘proper’ education or a ‘proper’ life with other school kids.

You cling onto your conviction, commitment and stamina without any positive feedback or guarantees or the reassurance of knowing you’re doing something that’s tried and tested by millions of others. And you battle on through the rejection from those who don’t want to be contaminated by your thinking and even family in some cases.

You also have to deal with the occasional resistance from your own toddlers whose mission seems to be to make life difficult, young children with enough energy to win marathons, or teenagers who think the activities for the day you’ve just racked your brains over are rubbish. Despite the fact you love your kids to bits, this can sometimes be wearing!

And whilst hacking a hard earned path for yourself through this jungle of insecurities you’re watching everyone else moving easily along a conveyor belt nice and normal! And you think; Am I mad?

But home educating is also like writing in that you do all this, cling onto your belief, battle through self doubt, ignore the criticisms that could bust you in two and it’s not till the very end that you get any kind of final success.

But then it’s MASSIVE!

Suddenly, there’ll you be. You’ll have lovely, intelligent, well educated, well rounded, social young people emerge who have so much to offer, so much energy and enthusiasm for life and you wonder how you ever doubted. They’ll be self-motivated, keen, responsible and caring – having had that example from you to follow as they developed. You’ll remember all the joy and the pleasure of it as your heart pumps with pride at the wonder of it. And you’ll watch them launch out into the world probably without even thinking well done you – you did it!

So I hope you’re all taking reassurance from the knowledge that there are actually more and more young people emerging who were home educated, living a happy, fulfilled and productive life and they are the proof – tried and tested – of how well home education works.

The children having got there, I’m sure looking forward to the day when my next book reaches that stage!


14 thoughts on “No more snivelling…

  1. Thanks Ross, brought tears to my eyes actually – I am totally loving home education and I do completely trust that we will all emerge from this in a fit state to live the rest of our lives… but it is lovely to read that from someone who’s done it!! A x

  2. This was a motivational and, as always, entertaining read, Ross. Very timely too, for me. Needed the boost and now have it, so thanks so much :0)

  3. how wonderful to read these words, Ross… We can only hope that we will feel like this in the future! Looking forward to your next book 🙂

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