Pink Floyd on Education? They got it so right!

Dark sarcasm? Thought control? What’s that about?

I was just dozing off in front of Top Of The Pops 2 on saturday night when I heard the the word ‘education’ (yea – even on TOTP) I perked up faster than if I’d smelt chocolate when the classic song ‘Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd came on.

LISTEN here:

Now, I heard it before the first time round but hearing it from a home educating point of view the words really hit home.

It might not rhythmically fit but substitute the word ‘education’ for schooling in the song and Pink Floyd gives us the reasons why we need an alternative. The sausage machine image says it all perfectly.

Who hasn’t been to school and been on the receiving end of ‘dark sarcasm’ ‘thought control’ and feeling like ‘another brick in the wall’? None of which are in any way helpful or necessary to education. And we thought schooling had moved on since then. It’s so poignant; especially when you think what the song is actually saying but no one listens to how accurate it is – no one listens to kids.

Thanks Pink Floyd for reminding me why we home schooled our children. More reasons to consider NOT sending your kids back to school this autumn if you think they’re unhappy or failing to thrive!


8 thoughts on “Pink Floyd on Education? They got it so right!

  1. I never thought properly about that song before, but they really were right, weren’t they? And yet the vast majority of the public are brain-washed into not even questionning the school- experience!!! It’s doing my head in a bit, how negative the system is, and how many people don’t question it. Thanks for a thought-provoking post Ross x

      • very true – there are many children who survive and even thrive in the school system (including some of my relatives) – but so many children don’t, and not enough people are noticing or asking why- including myself until recently!

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