Back to school…NOT!

With home education the real world becomes the classroom

Holiday madness over and everyone’s thinking ‘back to school’. Back to school shoes, back to school lunch boxes and maybe back to school bullying. I used to watch the bloom go off our children’s faces faster than it goes off the season’s plums. And weighty, grey resignation replace their motivated expressions.

Then this stopped; we home educated. And every year at this time, when the streets would start to go unnervingly empty of anyone young, we’d have that glow of gratitude that our routines were different. We had our smiley kids back.

I know it’s not the same for all families; course it isn’t. Schools serve them well. But for far too many the start of a new school year brings with it an impending sense of doom. And far too many are still unaware of what a workable, inspirational and successful option home schooling is.

We know – we’ve done it.

We’ve come out the other end with well educated, socially skilled, intelligent, productive and motivated kids – sorry if that sounds like boasting but I’m just telling how it is. And ours aren’t the only ones – the home educated kids they grew and learned with are the same. Many off to college or Uni just like other children and when their contemporaries learn that they never went to school it’s been known for them to say ‘you couldn’t tell’! So they don’t even end up weird or peculiar either which prospective home schoolers seem to worry about.

And, just like the other home educating families we met over the years, we’ve never once regretted it. I don’t know anyone who has. It was nothing less than an uplifting, enlightening, inspirational experience that we all learnt from. Best of all it meant that our kids learnt in an environment that was free from bullying or shame about doing things wrong, where they integrated with friends with respect and mutual affection instead of age, where we built strong bonds, strengthened our communication and the support that comes from team effort, where they could be themselves and express themselves without having to have the right kit, find out who they were, what they were good at and how to develop it, learn what a wonderful thing education is, how flexible it is and how it informs a fulfilling life.

Best of all they learnt how to make decisions, confront challenges, build life skills and how to be healthy and happy. And although life isn’t happy all the time, how you can make choices that will move you towards it being so, rather than stick with choices others make for you.

After all, what better use could education have than that?

If you want NOT to go back to school check out some of the stories around this blog and my book which will hopefully answer your questions on how to home school. And look out for my new book coming later in September.

Remember; there is always this choice. New families every day are making it theirs.

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