Cornfields, crickets and carbon dioxide.

 What will I do this Bank Holiday?

Sit in queues on motorways? No way.

Brave a heaving festival? Definitely not.

Go shopping? Hate it; it wastes your money and destroys the planet.

See friends? Most certainly and in hugging distance too.

But most importantly what I shall do is take time to increase my well being. Isn’t that what holidays are for? To take some time to recoup; physically, mentally and, perhaps the most important of all, spiritually as it is our spirits that have the biggest impact on our health.

I know some folks like to shop to keep their spirits up. Some like the batter and buzz of crowds and noise and hubbub as a distraction from the everyday.

But I’d rather sit in cornfields than in queues. Rather listen to crickets than traffic. Rather feel the earth and the elements than the pavement and the carbon dioxide, and hear nothing other than birdsong.

These are the things that de-stress my body and keep my spirits well. Sometimes I do need the cosmopolitan impurities of man-made life. But ultimately I am not man-made, I am natural made, evolved from man-made influences maybe but natural in root and core. And as such I think we need, far more than most realise, to recognise those connections and pay homage to them. Leave the technology off and give those roots some nurture, tend the part of us that is natural and of the earth – there’s no getting away from that fact. We come from and return to – earth.

So it’s back to those natural roots this bank holiday, come rain or more rain or even sun. I’m off to seek places to watch thistle down blow and hear seed heads rattle, smell harvest and earth and – yes – even cowpats. Get out under the massive sky. Costs nothing. Its value; immeasurable.

Whatever you spend your days off doing may they be blessed with the peace of holiday you are looking for!

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