Ode to my gems…

 These last few moments with my youngest are like gems.

It’s not as if it’s the last I’ll ever see of her just because she’s moving onto Uni this autumn. But it is the last of what she is now, before her new found adult independence reshapes her – I also look forward to that. But as she sits here in the August garden, serene and graceful, still with childish purities underneath her emerging adulthood, I revel in her beauty. Beauty of young life. Beauty of mind and thought. Beautiful naivety of soul still childhood fresh.

She looks beyond all this of course, to what she imagines the charged and exciting, cosmopolitan and sophisticated life outside her parents’ home will be. And may she be blessed with it as such. May she have much joy and success.

They’ve both had much success already.

I am so in awe of our two lovely young people. We have been so privileged to have been able to watch them grow, develop, achieve, blossom and bloom through all our home educating years. We have shared such a journey, they and we. Climbed such hurdles, often with giggling. Carved out happy paths through tangles of uncertainties. Deliberated deep and long at many spaghetti junctions. Ridden out storms and winds and rainbows at times. Loved every minute. We have coveted and encouraged, revelled in and respected them. And thrown them up often into the air to feel the wind under their own wings. And now they hardly have to touch down to old perches, they are well and truly airborne.

And I feel so incredibly proud and lucky to have had the blessing of that home educating journey together, incredibly proud of them both striking out there and fulfilling their dreams. And in total awe.

Gems unparalleled!

May all parents be so blessed.


11 thoughts on “Ode to my gems…

  1. It is so encouraging to hear those on the ‘other end’ speaking. With very little ones (7, 4, 2) and a seemingly long road a head, the temptation to worry about how it will turn out rears its head from time to time. I am feeling encouraged to have a few people further down the road speaking up and encouraging us- thank you : and all the best for your daughter 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. When starting out it helps to think about it not as a long road but a series of short steps – one day at a time – and if you make each of those days enjoyable ones, where you’re all getting something out of it, then pieced altogether those days will eventually make a lovely journey. Best wishes. x

  2. That’s so lovely, my eldest daughter is also off to Uni in September, although school educated and feeling a failure as she didn’t achieve the very high grades that the ed system values as the only worthwhile grades, but she is beautiful and talented and will start her new episode in her life with all the support and love we can give her….. let’s hope that my middle daughter venturing on Home Ed will blossom and grow too, but perhaps have a different course in life. All the best to your beautiful daughter x

  3. Beautifully written. They are all that they are and will become because you gave them the freedom and strength to blossom in your sunshine darling and not your shadow. xXx

  4. Posts like this one really help home educators like myself travel along our own journey. My children are two times 10 and two times 5 so still in early days and whilst will feel mostly good about our choices to walk this path we still have those times where we hope (as all parents I guess) that we are doing the right thing, the best thing. Thank you Ross.

    • Thank you for your comment Angela. And I’m sure you will be doing the best thing, because you have acknowledged there is a choice – and choices can always be adjusted whenever there’s a need, so actually you can’t go wrong! x Keep open. Keep flexible. Keep faith! Best wishes. x

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