Dare I mention the Olympics?

O dear! I think I’m being well un-patriotic not being excited about the Olympics.

It’s the sensationalist hype that turns me off. I’m all for sporting achievements, but let’s get on with the sport and not waste money paying masses of opinionated idiots to gab about it on TV, as if it was the only thing pressing at the moment. I find it all a bit vulgar when, let’s face it, it’s cost millions yet there are people who haven’t even got enough for a roof over their head let alone a trip to London.

Perhaps it’s just a sign of me turning into a grumpy old woman for I have to admit, had I small home educators still in the house I’d be shamelessly using it for learning.

There’s so much educational potential there; locating other countries on the world map, talking about the history of Britain played out in the opening ceremony, how an athlete has to train, nutrition too, chart and graph making to record results, studying design of sportswear to enhance performance, aerodynamics etc, trying out some of the less sensationalist sports or just getting outside being active. And if you’re really into it, a video diary of your experience of it, that might make its way into a valuable archive for years from now when we’re really old and grumpy!

There are so many aspects we take for granted but looking at it from an educational point of view, masses of learning opportunities – just like life really. None of it has to ‘feel’ like lessons – you are supposed to be on holiday after all. But I well know that for most home schooling families whether it’s term time, holiday time, or the Olympics, learning lives go on just the same and you might as well use a good opportunity when it presents itself and get involved.

Instead of being like me and sitting grumpily on the periphery waiting for it to end!

9 thoughts on “Dare I mention the Olympics?

  1. hi Ross,

    I think you spot on about the Olympics, and thanks for being bold enough to share it.

    who cares about who can jump the highest, is the fastest at 100m, 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m,1500m, 2000m, 5000m

    are we loosing the plot?

    we are much more than this, there are so many deep, and more profound aspects of our beings that we need to develop and enhance, like our character, our nature, our thinking, unconditional love for all beings at all times, unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, being useful in society and touching every person we meet with a little magic.

    there is a big problem in society these days , there are no more role models, do you really think soccer stars and their all rounded characters are what our youngsters need to follow and respect, these days kids respect gangsters and rappers and try to be cool and be like them, is this really the way forward..?

  2. Dear Ros, what a shame you feel that way about the Olympics. I was in London yesterday to visit the Summer exhibition and Tate Modern to see the Damian Hirst exhibition and the atmosphere in town is electric; every one is very happy, warm and all nations seem to be enjoying the English sunshine.
    Your children would gain a lot to see how one single even can bring people together regardless of class or education. The mounted police horses were very happy to be patted by tourists.and when I went near horse guard, hearing all the spectators cheering in unison at the beach volleyballnwas something very empowering. The Olympic games bring vitality to England, embrace it….

    • Thanks for your comment Jeannelise, I totally get where you are coming from. I just hope that all those families who live further afield and can’t afford the trip to London, let alone the tickets, can somehow tap into the pleasurable experience of it you describe from Southbank.

  3. LOL great post 🙂 I must admit, I doubt I’d have watched any of it if we weren’t now home educating. My boys weren’t excited by the opening flag parade (who was?) so my hoped for geography opportunity failed to materialise, but inspired by their questions, we’ve had fun researching the history of the Olympics (they especially liked the competing naked bit), practicing their adaptation of the diving moves on the trampoline, and particularly appreciating how much practice goes into getting really good at something! Sometimes the lessons we learn aren’t the ones we expect to – and I love that 🙂

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