‘Travelling With Pomegranates’

 Immersed in this beautiful book at the moment.

The thing about books and stories and whether we find them beautiful or not is as much to do with the time they come to you, and the time you have to read them, as the book itself.

As a new home educating mum it was a miracle if I got to read a whole book. But then I was more involved with showing the children the world than reading about it.

We think when we become mums our babies are ours forever. But while they do their growing you also grow to a slow realisation that this is not the case at all. And you have to let that idea go.

‘Travelling With Pomegranates’ by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann Kidd Taylor is a book that is not so much about a physical travelling; that is just the setting for a journey of another kind. A journey to a new understanding of the mum and daughter relationship based on that letting go. It happens on both sides; the daughter has equally to let go of her need for childhood where mum was able to make everything all right. Mum coming to terms with the fact she no longer can.

Me and my daughters, after all our wondrous home educating years, are at this stage now. All confronting the changes that inevitably come with growing up – or growing old! All with as much trepidation. It’s no picnic for either but equally has times as succulent as summer tomatoes and sweet as ripe peaches.

If you’re a young mum all consumed with the needs of your baby peach, keeping it safe and attached and cared for, you probably don’t want to know all this. And Sue Monk Kidd has other brilliant books for you to read. But remember to come back to it when you reach this seemingly unimaginable stage of your small beings no longer being small, or yours really – never were.

Read it then and it’ll help through the strange emotion of a re-birthed relationship and you’ll feel you have a friend who understands.


6 thoughts on “‘Travelling With Pomegranates’

  1. I have a bit of a *thing* about pomegranates so the title of this post jumped at me. I have read two other books of hers and loved them so this is going on my list. 🙂

  2. I have been reading your blog for the past two months since deregistering our 10 year old son. It’s such an inspiration and comfort. Full of such wisdom. My eldest daughter is now 24 but I have just fast clicked this book onto my Kindle for a delicious dip into later. I hope you keep blogging about home education whilst coping with ‘growing old’!

  3. Thank you! I always think it’s rather odd that there is so much about the parent/child relationship for when the children are small and so little to support us through our feelings about increasing challenges as they grow! x

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book, I especially liked the idea of a mother and daughter working together for as you know, I do this with my son. I think we need more books of this type so that people can understand that they are not alone or being silly when they are struggling with change.

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