Home Education – a passing phase!

At her final exhibition still doing what she loves

Nothing stays the same.

You think you’re immersed in home education for life but you’re not. It’s just a passing phase!

Thus our youngest gets confirmation of her place at University after finally receiving her grades – more than enough.  And so ends another chapter in our family life. It feels that this household is emptying of a Home Ed feel faster than it used to empty of biscuits when the children were at home full time.

I’m not sold on Uni. I don’t buy into the propaganda that it is the certificate to a valuable life and you’re doomed without it. As if it was the only route to success – it isn’t – Richard Branson is testimony to that. In fact I’m not sold on institutional education of any kind – you might have guessed! Institutions can interfere with education as much as they can enhance it. And schools sometimes seem like they are more for the convenience of adults rather than the development of the learners.

But that aside our youngest is lucky. Lucky, not because she’s going to Uni, but lucky because she has learnt through her home educating days what she’s passionate about doing, to know she wants to take it as far as she can, to go on learning.

More than anything else, education is for learning about yourself and what you can do. And to build understanding of what an on-going, life enhancing thing education, not just schooling, is and how it’s for the enrichment of our individual lives – personally – and for ever after.

That’s what she now knows. That’s perhaps the greatest lesson she could ever have learnt!


12 thoughts on “Home Education – a passing phase!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your statement ” I don’t buy into the propaganda that it is the certificate to a valuable life and you’re doomed without it.” Its unfortunate that many parents often feel this way and put lots of pressure on their children, I remember when I was at university there were students there that were studying particular degrees because their parents wanted them too! They looked so miserable ;(

  2. Yes, I too would like to thank you for holding the light that graduating from homeschooling happens. We are in the earlier stages just now. Loving it whole-heartedly but can be lost sometimes in a sea of imagining that its all some dream, when so many around us are schooling.

  3. It’s always heart warming to read of home ed children succeeding at their passions and learning that they can achieve whatever it is they set out to do. xXx

  4. Well done, youngest daughter! Not so much for getting that Uni place but for showing the world that us home-ed lot aren’t weirdos who inhabit some strange ‘other world’!!
    Thanks for all the posts you’ve been doing, Ross, fab as always; and sorry for not commenting all that much – thought I’d have more time now G is on his summer break but obviously that’s only happening in my dreams *lol*

    • Aw thank you Joy. And no worries on the visiting – I’m as bad and never get around to the blogs I want to! It’s just lovely you’ve been here to day and left feedback, thank you.

  5. I really can’t hear enough of these success stories. Ours are still verry little and it’s very encouraging to hear stories of HE fulfilled, as it were.

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