More important than money…

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Have you ever thought of living without money?

We immediately think we can’t but my fellow author and friend Mark Boyle managed it for over two years and wrote his account of it in his book The Moneyless Man, because he believes that money is really the underlying cause of our destruction of the planet.

He also believes that the education system trains our children for a ‘highly monetised economy’ and questions whether this is right. Therefore he is a great supporter of home education and as such asked me to write a post for his brilliant blog (see it here).

Even more importantly he is the founder of the Freeconomy Comminity (click here), a community of people who swap skills rather than money to get their needs met, reinforcing relationships; the foundation of living together harmoniously.

His ideas are fascinating to read and fit in very well with the natural and organic approach some parents adopt in educating their children, sharing and swapping skills and support within communities.

Mark believes that togetherness, love, community and the planet are far more important than money. And perhaps this is an important lesson to be sharing with our children.


5 thoughts on “More important than money…

  1. It’s an interesting concept and I agree that the world has become too money orientated and commercialised – however, I think there is a big difference between living without money to write a book on it and living without money and worrying yourself sick that you are going to lose the roof over your child’s head. I imagine the argument against this would be that in the moneyless, that wouldn’t happen. However, I don’t wish to sound against the human race but I think even in a moneyless world some kind of currency would emerge. It’s the nature of the beast and by beast, unfortunately, I mean humans. So I’m truly sorry to be such a cynical mouldy faced old grouch who needs a good hiding, especially as Mark sounds like a wonderful man with lots of great ideas and his book sounds very interesting – but I need more convincing.

    • Thanks so much for posting, especially as I think many will agree.
      Mark is the first to admit that he may have felt differently about this project were he a father and that he is not suggesting we all do without money but is I think just illustrating a point in order to make us think about the impact obsessive spending and materialism has.
      You’re also right in saying he is a wonderful man!

      • I’m glad you’ve cleared that point up because after I made the point I wondered whether there was a way to go without money which I hadn’t understood. So I was thinking – well how would we sell our books by post? I then started thinking about paying the electric bill – will I have to go and do jobs for the electric company? So now I see that he isn’t suggesting going without money completely it all makes much more sense. Apart from that quibble, I think he is totally right to question obsessive spending and materialism – I have heard children say that they “need” a certain game for their computers and they “need” the latest football shirt. I have to bite my tongue as they are not my children – they don’t seem to be able to distinguish between “need” and “want”.

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