Princess and the Pea and the Jubilee

 It’s not because it’s the jubilee that I’m put in mind of royalty. It’s because I have to sit like the princess in The Princess and the Pea story or my bum gets so numb I have to eat my lunch standing up.

It used to be that I raced from room to room, activity to activity, group to field trip to outing when we were home educating with little chance to put my bum on a seat for a moment let alone a chance to make it numb. Now I sit at the computer all day I need a pile of cushions just to try and stop the ache in the unmentionables.

I often wondered if the kids did it deliberately; set up activities as far apart from each other as possible just so they could bat mum between them like an idiot tennis ball. I’d just settle helping one to wield scissors nearly bigger than they were, when the other would shriek something like ‘mum, come quick’ from another room, with an alarm more disturbing than the sound of the cat being sick.

If we weren’t in the house – and we weren’t much – I’d have been roped into something equally active like ice-skating or swimming, or a hike through a wood on a hunt for bugs I really didn’t want to touch.

And there I was, taking it for granted, whinging for a sit down and failing to appreciate the organic opportunity I was having in life to keep the inches off my bum cheeks and my muscles fit. Now I have to work at it. Work to get my muscles going, numb nethers off this seat and screen boggled eyes away from the computer. And I’ve gone from gagging for a sit down to an understanding that there are only so many hours you can manage it before pain sets in.

So over the jubilee weekend I plan to do as many types of upright activity as I can. And see how many types of lunch there are you can eat standing up!


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