Versatile bloggers…

  Thank you kindly to my fellow bloggers at and for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I’m well chuffed and glad you like this blog!

The idea is that we then go on to nominate fifteen other bloggers we admire so here are some I’ve come across on my blog travels;

Oooops that’s sixteen but still, I could go on … I also wanted to nominate but someone beat me to it! There are others on my Home Education Blogs page who need nominating too for their energy and openness in sharing their home school lives with the rest of us.

Meanwhile, as part of the rules, I’m also supposed to tell you seven things about myself for some strange reason, so at the risk of complete boredom;

1)      I grew up in the city but now live in the wilds where I can hide in hedge bottoms when the need takes me.

2)      I’m passionate that kids are respected in the way we would all wish to be respected and don’t have their opinions dissed off just because they’re small.

3)      My joy in my little ones is only surpassed by my joy at each new person they become.

4)      I learnt much of what I know from my horse!

5)      The only faith I have is in the power of love.

6)      I believe the Nature of the Earth is Everything.

7)      My only addiction is to writing. Oh, and maybe tea….and chocolate…and…


9 thoughts on “Versatile bloggers…

  1. I’m another one who has learnt much from my horse. It sounds strange but I’m sure spending time with him has made me a better parent x

  2. Thanks so much, Ross, for thinking about me. I’m excited to check out your other nominees.

  3. Oh my gawrsh! I am so honoured and humbled to find myself in such awe-inspiring company!! Thank you, Ross, you are too kind 😀 xx

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