Is Britain Running Dry? – more on sweatiness!

Nice to know I’m not alone in thinking we should appreciate our opportunity to wash! There was a whole programme about our water use on TV last night which raised that very issue (watch it here).

I’m glad to see some attention paid to this precious resource and how we use it. An even more important lesson for our kids to learn since it’s their generations that will be increasingly affected.

Children learn most of all from the demonstration of their parents! You don’t need to reek of BO and I know that kids love reasons not to wash! But you do need to make sure the use of water in your household is respectful or our kids’ may end up having to endure what the family in the programme did – a very limited supply.


One thought on “Is Britain Running Dry? – more on sweatiness!

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I read on another blog about a way of getting rid of unwanted people. The idea was simple, one could wear a badge saying “I’m selling insurance, please approach me about your package.” The idea was that we would never get unwanted people yakking away at the train station etc. Post a sign outside your front door and we would have no callers. I was very excited about this idea. Now it gets even better, if the sign outside the door does not deter, the biggest nuisances, I can bring them in and lean right over them. I think I will get as sweaty as possible – I need not worry about people trying to flog me double glazing ever again. Only joking – great article, it just brings out my wicked sense of humour.

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