Massive boobs and Home Education blogs

Two lovely grown up Home Ed kids, not too scarred by their experience!

The biggest boob we ever made when home educating was introducing our kids to the World Wide Web via a massive pair of breasts.

We hadn’t been hooked up till then; it was fairly antiquated where we live and like with fashion, we got everything several years later than everyone else.

Keen to get started with it we all sat excitedly round the new computer and ‘dialled up’. But somehow we immediately got onto the website of a prostitute with enough bosom for ten people. I’ve never seen the kids – or my husband – so glued to a screen!

Now, the web is such a big part of home school life you can’t imagine ever being without it, as we were when we first sprung the kids from school. But apart from information, one of the very best things about it is the opportunity to network, raise awareness, and through blogs showcase home education as it really is.

I’ve been looking at some random ones lately. It is truly uplifting to see the commitment of parents, the inspirational, diverse and valuable activities that kids are engaged in, and the breadth of approaches home educating families take. You can’t help but get the impression of a wonderful way to raise and educate kids. And you also get a sense of the LOVE. You wouldn’t get that in a school.

So I thought I’d put a few links on here so that parents visiting will get a reassuring idea of how well home schooling works  and hopefully some of those ridiculous myths and misconceptions about it will be dispelled.

Here are some I’ve visited so far:

They are in no special order or preference, it’s just ones I’ve got round so far and if you’re doing one and want it displayed send me a link and I’ll add it. If you’ve contacted me before and I’ve forgotten you please get in touch. If there’s enough I could start a collection!

And hopefully I’ll get the links right this time and not make such a massive boob as I did when my kids were young!

10 thoughts on “Massive boobs and Home Education blogs

  1. Hello Ross. We’re just returning to Home Ed after a years break when the two youngest tried school again. It is taking me a while to find my feet again as the two oldest are now teenagers one of which has moved on to an apprenticeship, the other is a more self contained person. Your site has proved to be very helpful this evening as I am on my quest to re boot the home ed family we were not that long ago.
    Bizarrely, it was reading blogs that helped me to make our HE decision all those years ago in 2006, and here I am again using just that resource to begin again.
    I also wrote my own blog whilst in full production as it were which unsurprisingly enough dwindled while they went to school. Seems school stunted my creativity too!!
    Carolyn xx

    • Hi Carolyn, so glad you dropped by and to know you’ve found some help here. Thanks so much for your message. Hope you really get back into your home ed and enjoy yourselves…essential that bit, hard to achieve sometimes! BWs. x

  2. I don’t know why but I didn’t get this in my emails. Luckily, I looked on your site. Great fun – I don’t expect it was at the time though. I think the web is wonderful for children but it can sometimes be a bit bizarre with some of the things people post. I won’t go into detail but you know what I mean.

  3. *rofl* Oh dear Ross, I can just imagine them all glued to the screen!! The things you get sometimes when you’re trying to search for something … back when we had rabbits, I was searching for rabbit-related articles and the number of XXX sites that came up – yeesh!!!!

    Thank you so much for including me on your list, ’tis an honour 😀 Haven’t checked out all the others yet but I think its just amazing the number of virtual places you can go visit nowadays, all to do with home-ed and how natural it is.

    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday. xx

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