mending moodypants…

  I just went on a trip. It wasn’t anything exciting or drug induced, I just fell down a bankside and catapulted arse over head.

I’d caught my foot in some tangled roots and rocketed down the slope imagining dislocated shoulder, lumpy knees and wrenched wrists. But luckily none of that; I was able to bounce over and leap up again. Partly because I’m fairly fit and partly because I was determined not to lie there in shock and let the wet soak through to my thermals.

It’s times like this when I appreciate the time and effort spent keeping active. Because it takes some effort when there’s always something to do in front of screen and the weather outside requires a will of steel to face it. I don’t do gyms or anything like that – we have a green gym on our doorstep, I cycle whenever I can, stretch occasionally, swim sometimes although not as often without the need to take kids. Now they’re moving on I don’t have that example to set or bums to drive off seats so I admit to physical effort waning a bit.

But when we were home educating it was something that I managed to schedule in most days.

Even if it was just a walk, it was something active and some time outside. Didn’t always meet with much approval from teenagers who didn’t like weather messing with their hair or stupid wellies ruining their outfits. But I always noticed it worked a kind of miracle on them. Miserable moody pants indoors could turn into an uplifting smile once out, civil conversation even and occasionally even singing. The minute they got outside their irritations dissolved, their motivation levels soared and all kinds of ideas and inspirations were forthcoming. I used to call it the outdoor miracle because I watched it happen so often.

It’s ironic, but after all that moaning our eldest has returned to that habit of a regular walk or run outdoors now to maintain her fitness and increase her wellbeing. So I’m real glad I ignored the indoor insults of the time and stuck with it, because now she’s taking on that responsibility for herself. And our fitness is our responsibility and something we have control over although sometimes we forget to see it like that. And we forget to demonstrate that to our kids.

So I’m well glad I gritted my teeth, braced the elements, and kept going because it changes my mood too and is also useful for  when I go crashing to the floor like today; I can spring up again without too much damage.

How about you?


One thought on “mending moodypants…

  1. I’m so relieved that you haven’t hurt yourself. I totally agree with you abut the magic of the outdoors. I wasn’t able to get out over December and a fair bit of January – it was dreadful – I love my walks. I’ve just got back from one and it was heavenly.

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