Frosty whiskers

  No wonder the dog’s reluctant to go out. I think if my whiskers froze then I might feel the same. Thankfully I haven’t got to the age of whiskers yet but when I went out into the freezing fog for a brief airing yesterday I had icicles on my eyelashes. It was totally exhausting, not the icicles but the fact that I had so many layers on it was like walking with weights strapped to your body. That and the effort of scrunching through the frozen snow made me feel about eighty.

But marvellous all the same. I wandered about for ages ogling at the ice clustered foliage and examining the tracks. But the cold finally drove me in – how cold do you have to be for hyperthermia? I thawed out with tea watching from the warm side of the window; a variety of birds were trying to copy the great tits and hang off the bird feeder, even a blackbird. Then I couldn’t resist dashing out again to watch the sun settle its shoulders back into a bank of freezing fog, almost as if it was looking for warmth for the night too.

Roll on Spring!


5 thoughts on “Frosty whiskers

    • Thanks so much Sarah. I visited your blog and love your dog too – looks like she likes to be a fire guard just like ours does. We’re always telling ours to lie down and stop blocking the heat!
      Btw blogger seems to have a problem preventing me from adding comments to blogger sites like yours recently – it’s so frustrating. I’ve tried no end of blogs and no end of times. Any ideas – anyone?

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