More than a sprinkle…

 I rushed out in the sprinkling of snow we had last week thinking I might not get another opportunity. Wrong!

This pretty gentle scene, with sparkles beneath my feet and frost filigree twigs, turned into a foot of it in places even bigger in the drifts. They filled the dykes and curled in pristine, sharp edged dunes across the lanes and footpaths. Great for spotting tracks. Exhausting to walk through. Scary to drive in and extremely tiring digging for an hour to get the car out of the chasm we got it stuck in, only to have the digger come along when we’d managed it.

This morning, having to struggle up to the main road and the college bus with reluctant teenager hoping for a day off, I had to bash on bravely through the deep bits and breath a sigh of relief when I hit the easy patches.

Actually, that’s just like life really, isn’t it!


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