More stupid fish…

We are going to be teaching more fish to climb trees. (See my recent post to get where I’m coming from).

That’s because the value of vocational qualifications is going to be discounted with another misguided policy from the government. (Read it here).

They are trying as ever to measure everyone by the same bench mark and make everyone squeeze into the same straightjacket when it couldn’t possibly work any more than it would work trying to get me in size six knickers!

This is because there’s one blindingly obvious point the government always chooses to overlook: ALL children are valuable. WHATEVER they can do. WHEREVER their strengths lie. Whatever their weaknesses. Whichever path they wish to follow and direction they want to take their life. Whatever their ability with academics.

But because of league table competition, which prostitutes our children’s learning experience, we are about to make the divide between the haves and the have-nots even greater.

We don’t need this…What we need is for new policies that focus on the children’s ongoing educational experience and personal development – as a priority – rather than focussing only on what we can ‘force’ these children into being by the end, for our personal adult incentives. Incentives like climbing league tables, social one-upmanship and materialism among them. What we need is for the league tables to be done away with all together and let word of mouth be the measure of schools.

The quality of the learning experience is what makes our children intelligent. Not the end result. Heavy academic education trashes even the academic gain for some because children are dulled in pursuit of it, whereas a more varied and experiential approach would have kept their interest in learning alive.

Blessings on all those brave parents who can see that, many of whom choose to home educate and maintain that varied and experiential approach in order to rescue their children from this very disaster.

6 thoughts on “More stupid fish…

  1. Personally I feel that the school system is wrong. Very wrong. Our glorious leaders 😉 (bless them) are not asking the right people the right questions. The league tables imho are a disaster, it means that often brighter kids are ‘encouraged’ to do lots of GCSE’s, the less accademic ones are being overlooked. :/

    • Thanks Amanda – I agree! Btw visited yours – it’s great to see it – but blogger seem to be having problems as various folks can’t get a comment on them. Know that it is read! x

  2. The emerging view that seems to value a piece of paper over real experience through hands on learning is becoming evident in the workplace too; for example, in the hospital that I work preference for employment is being given to new nurses with four year degrees but zero experience over nurses with two year degrees and ten plus years of patient care experience! To my mind, this is ludicrous.

  3. I have two comments to make:

    1. My eldest granddaughter (9) has been having one to one teaching to bring her reading and writing up to scratch and has done very well but the teacher still thinks her maths needs a bit of work. She actually said to my daughter that in her view the basics is all children need unless they are very mathematically inclined; not all these geometry, algebra and other such stuff which you may never need again in your life. What she didn’t say was that they have to teach it because of the curriculum!

    2. Secondly, I have this morning seen a programme about a family wishing to move to New Zealand and both parents were teachers. The wife got a job in a secondary school and said how different and more child involved the teaching was in New Zealand compared to England. The pupils were more eager to learn and there was no disruption in classes. Perhaps our Government needs pointing in that direction to take a look at their way of teaching?

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