a curriculum of Drama, Design and Daydreaming…

Fantastic article here about reworking the curriculum. Ironic after talking about a similar topic in my last post about teaching fish to climb trees!

Those who home educate will probably get where Wolff is coming from.  Home educators are the ones who have experienced first hand how remarkable it is the way in which children can learn and develop their intelligence and education from a much less academic approach, one that incorporates plenty of activities like drama, design and daydreaming. I guess we had some of each  in our lives every day when we were home educating, although admittedly much of the drama was probably from their mother!

But home schooling aside, it would be lovely to see other parents and educationalists begin to understand that it is not ramming academics down kids’ throats that makes them educated. It is the care and attention, respect and encouragement shown to them whilst they grow.

What they learn is almost secondary to the importance of the ethos of learning itself; the importance of nurturing the skills that make caring, respectful and responsible citizens who enjoy the experience of learning so much they want to continue with it for life.

If they feel that, the rest of the skills and academics will fall into place naturally.


2 thoughts on “a curriculum of Drama, Design and Daydreaming…

  1. Aw! Thanks so much for your supportive comments Lynn. It’s probably the debate (or is it arguments or just conversation?), preceded by the thinking skills required to do so, that ultimately makes them such intelligent young people!

  2. Couldn’t agree more Ross, especially with regard to the drama ~ always have that in our house, and that’s just me!
    We did an end of topic test this morning, for which no revision was done. I am amazed how much my sons actually do know, considering we debate (or is is argue?) our way through most of Science ~ I feel a cup of herbal tea coming on 🙂

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