The Iron Lady…

We went to see the film ‘The Iron Lady’ last night. Incredible film. Both the subject matter and the performances. I never fully appreciated what our first lady prime minister was up against as she entered such a closeted male domain, never thought about it much. And Meryl Streep’s incredible rendering of the part had me believing she was the woman herself.

I’ve no love of Margaret Thatcher but disregarding the politics you have to hand it to her; she had one hell of a battle on her hands as the film shows and you can’t help but admire her courage.

Anyone who has swum against a tide of conventionalism, as all home schoolers do, will know the kind of courage I’m talking about. To stand by what you believe is right in the face of  bigoted traditionalism is no small task. The isolation you face.  The risks you take. The doubt and indecision that plagues you. The personal attacks. Both ‘MT’ as Denis called her and parents who are home educating climb similar mountains. Yea – I can have a lot of empathy.

But we shouldn’t let challenges stop us trying to make changes. If enough parents challenge a system that is letting so many children down, if enough parents uphold that their children’s well-being is as important (more important actually) than tests or grades or league tables, if enough parents bother to speak out like MT did, then eventually things will change.

Home schoolers are true pioneers of that change and a demonstration of the fact that there are alternative ways to educate children besides the traditional ways. Maggie Thatcher didn’t let traditional male environs stop her. Parents shouldn’t let the conditioning of traditional schooling stop them from believing that there are different ways to educate, ways that can provide a happy and fulfilling style of education that leads to a happy and fulfilled life. Thousands of home educating families are now proof of it.


4 thoughts on “The Iron Lady…

  1. I agree entirely! Despite the ‘fact’ that she was supposedly our most successfull PM (although thats debatable). Its not when she was top dog that she did the most harm, but when she was Minister for Education, or the equivalant. The number of Grammar Schools that were converted into Secondary Mods when she was at that position was, and still is, shocking. But we can almost guarantee one thing- she benefited from a Grammar School education herself! So why did she deprive so many children of the very thing that made her so successful? As intelligent as they are supposed to be, the minds of politicians do have to be questioned somewhat, more and more so when it comes to education.

  2. Dont know if any of you guys are like me, actually remember her first hand, i was a coal miner in the strikes in south Yorkshire and we used to burn effigies of her on the picket line. she was (and looks like still is), the most hated person since Hitler. Amazing to see the comments here, never realized she still provoked such hatred still, thought it was just me 🙂 the movie itself is another good show by streep, but i cant see this being a hit because of the hatred most people feel for thatcher..

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