a walk for each season…2

I slipped up.

I intended to do a photo for each season as I walked through here. But time and seasons flew by and the heady lace of flowers and foliage have not only turned but been rattled from the trees and seed heads already.

The picture of this on my blog on June 2nd showed all the bounty and blossom of ravishing May.

But now the abundant growth is stripped bare and the trees are dripping with autumn moisture, the floor a flood of amber curls. The greens have gone and all is auburn, orange browns and a scuffling crunch underfoot.

And no photograph can capture the most wonderful smell; like bay leaves and sweet peat. It gives you a taste of autumn as strong as bonfires do.

Next it may be frost and cold that I walk through and photograph. But whatever the season, I love it.

For there’s nothing like the awareness of them changing for giving you a sense of time passing and life being a series of ups and downs that are forever moving on. Which in this current economic situation we’re all weathering is extremely comforting!


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